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It is a great honor to receive a five-star review from Literary Titan.

There are no words for the emotions I feel at how well Stillwater is being received by readers. This is truly amazing!

Literary Titan Review:

Heather Thompson’s Stillwater is an evocative narrative set in the heart of Georgia, delving into the complexities of faith within a contemporary setting. Through the lens of fiction, Thompson explores themes of belief, societal norms, and the ethereal realm with deft narrative skill.

Centered on Harriet, a Christian woman who begins her journey in a state of self-reflection about her religious practices, the story unfolds to reveal the intricate facets of her life, including her romantic relationships. As Harriet wrestles with her convictions, readers are invited to understand the intricacies of her spiritual journey.

Deceptively nuanced, Stillwater evolves from its seemingly straightforward beginning into a tale rich with unexpected twists. The townspeople, including Pastor Cole and his wife Deborah, encounter a sequence of events that redefines their connection with the divine beyond the confines of the church walls. As they face a rigorous test of faith, the narrative invites the reader to witness their courage in believing in divine protection.

Thompson’s writing shines as it poses universal questions that resonate with a broad audience, prompting a personal introspection about spirituality and the afterlife. The book is further enriched by vivid descriptions, especially of celestial beings, setting up a stark dichotomy between light and darkness.

Unpredictable and engaging, Thompson’s portrayal of Harriet is compelling, offering a mirror to the reader’s own experiences with faith and the infinite. Stillwater is a stirring read for enthusiasts of spiritually themed literature, and it comes with a heartfelt recommendation for those seeking a book that stirs the soul and provokes thought.


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