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A Writer’s Devotion: Working Through Pain

  What do you do when you’ve been broken? When people you thought you could trust in fact betray you and take a knife to who you are at your core – whether it’s true or not? “For we do not wrestle against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of […]

Recovering Your Gifts

Writing can be a challenge. Not because I don’t have anything to say but because what sounds good in my mind suddenly sounds horrible when it’s typed or written out (yes, I still do handwritten notes). This is the plight many writers face, and it comes from a myriad of places; mine comes from a […]

A Writer’s Devotion – Dare to Be Different

“Dare to be different;” We hear that a lot in American society – even fall prey to its charms. We believe that if we’re unique and different then we are special. However, this entire concept is predicated on the belief that if OTHERS see us as unique then, and only then, we are special. Yet, […]

How It Feels Putting Yourself Out There

This is a world of echo chambers and mirrors. We only hear and see what we want. So many of us walk around blind to our short comings because society produces a lack conviction and emotional maturity needed to handle the fact that eventually we all need to change somewhere, somehow. It is much easier […]

Merry Christmas

It’s the most wonderful time of the year. It can also be the busiest, most stressful and often unfulfilling time if we are focused on the wrong things. This season isn’t about who gave the best gift, spent the most or even received more, it is about how much we love each other – but […]

Literary Titan Review

It is a great honor to receive a five-star review from Literary Titan. There are no words for the emotions I feel at how well Stillwater is being received by readers. This is truly amazing! Literary Titan Review: Heather Thompson’s Stillwater is an evocative narrative set in the heart of Georgia, delving into the complexities of faith […]

Building Momentum

Writing a book is hard but the hardest part is getting your book into the hands of people you know would enjoy it. Therein lies the challenge. However, if you prayerfully ask the Lord to fill in the gaps where your humanity ends, He will never disappoint. This morning, a wonderful book viewer by the […]

Stillwater is Now Available!

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Heather Thompson’s Freshman Novel Stillwater is Now Available ATLANTA, September 10, 2023: Heather Thompson announces her freshman novel, Stillwater, is now available for purchase at www.heatherthompsonbooks.com, or through the publisher Yawn Publishing LLC. Venture into a sleepy Georgia town that is jolted awake through a series of spiritual events designed to steal, […]